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Now Hiring a Well-Qualified Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assisstant

Looking for a more fulfilling job?
Care about providing holistic, one-on-one care?

Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness is a small, cash-based, integrative physical therapy practice in Austin, specializing in care for complex conditions, chronic pain and illness, and more.  I am the owner, and currently the sole physical therapist at the practice.  I am looking to hire and train a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant to help carry the patient load, and to eventually take over a large part of managing the administration and patients at the Austin location, while I focus more on service work in Mexico, setting up online video-training platforms, and potentially setting up another location in the San Antonio area.  I have a unique practice and am passionate about my patients and my approach, so the person hired would have to be a great fit and willing to learn my approach, while hopefully bringing their own gifts and perspective to the table. However, I am ready and willing to compensate at a higher-than-average rate for the right person, after a set training period.  I am looking for a teammate who will work with me and help find ways to optimize the practice and patient care.


Position will start part-time (5-10 hours/week during training), progressing up to about 25 hours/week, with the option to expand to full-time if desired and the case load allows.


The right applicant will:

  • Be passionate about 1-on-1, individualized care and empowering the patient to find their body's own healing potential

  • Care about providing a holistic approach to physical therapy, with an emphasis on nutrition, lifestyle modification, chronic pain education, exercise training, and various styles of manual therapy.

  • Be ready and willing to work with patients with complex, chronic illnesses. In particular, I see a lot of patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Lyme disease, Dysautonomia, Chronic Pain, long-COVID, and other complex conditions. Ideally, the applicant would be familiar with some or all of these conditions, but as long as you are willing to research and learn about these populations, that is enough. These populations require a large amount of therapeutic presence and patience in order to develop positive and impactful relationship with them. It is important to have a strong self-care routine and take vacations as needed so that you can show up engaged to work every day.

  • Have some background in manual therapy techniques including joint mobilization, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

  • Have some knowledge of how 'the body keeps the score' and holds onto trauma that contributes to pain and illness. I use various approaches to try to 'free' trauma trapped in the body and help patients feel at home in their body's again.

  • Have experience with or be willing to learn: Craniosacral therapy, John Barnes myofascial release, Visceral massage, mindfulness and meditation practices, Myokinesthetics, polyvagal theory.

  • Have experience in or be willing to learn pelvic floor physical therapy. This does not have to but could include internal work, depending on the comfort and skill level of the applicant, but I do want someone who understands how to train the pelvic floor externally and its importance in breathing, core work, back pain, etc. If you are interested in this, this is a part of my population I would love to expand together but currently don't have room to.


Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Provide true one-on-one care to our patients. Most sessions are 60 minutes in length, and on average, I see 5-6 patients/day  (you will have control of your schedule after training and can decide how many patients you want to see on what days of the week, as long as we coordinate together).

  • Assist with physical rehabilitative services and exercise training, perform manual therapy as appropriate on patients.

  • Record and document patient notes using online Jane software to help coordinate care.

  • Communicate with other medical providers as needed to further patient care.

  • Attend several continuing education conferences/ year on matter relevant to treating this patient population. ($2500/year CEU bonus will be given for agreed-upon courses, after completion of the training period).

  • Monitor patients' response to intervention and consult with Physical Therapist/owner if modification is indicated

  • Respond to patients' text/emails (within reasonable hours) over serious concerns, sudden scheduling constraints, etc.

  • Work to schedule with patients (they do most of it using an online software, but often we must coordinate with them some over the phone if they get sick or something comes up).

  • Help develop and train patients in progressive home exercise programs.

  • Help coordinate and record videos for home exercise programs for patients.



  • Associate’s degree from an accredited Physical Therapy Assistant program OR Masters/Doctorate degree from an accredited Physical Therapy Program

  • Active Physical Therapy Assistant License or Physical Therapy License

  • Previous experience in physical therapy, rehabilitation, or other related field

  • Ability to handle physical workload

  • Ability to build rapport with patients

  • Strong verbal communication skills

  • You will also play an active role in promoting Phoenix PT's products and services, helping edit the website as needed, and any other marketing/admin work you may be interested in. I would love help on our social media account as well!



  • You're passionate about helping others return to their active lifestyles and stay independent

  • You care about an biopsychosocial and holistic approach to care that facilitates deep, meaningful change.

  • You're tired and burned out trying to manage a busy caseload

  • You're eager to grow professionally and never stop learning.



Please review this website for more information on me, the company, and my specialties. 

I believe this a huge opportunity for the right person, and am truly looking for someone that will help carry on my care when I'm not in Austin, but also work as a teammate with me to optimize the business together, from marketing to treatment strategies.  If we can make more together, there is room for compensation to continue to rise, and moreover, to accomplish even more for our patients together!


If this sounds like you, I invite you to apply!


Job Types: Part-time, possibility to progress to full-time if desired.


Compensation: $42-60 per hour of independent patient care (varies depending on applicant's qualification and training). During the training period, the applicant will start out on a training wage (see below) shadowing and training with me. After a time, they will begin steadily building their caseload. When they are ready and begin to treat patients individually, they will receive the full compensation rate for the hours spent treating patients, and otherwise will still be receiving the training wage for hours spent shadowing/training with me.

Training period pay: $20-$30/hour (duration of training period will depend on how quickly the applicant picks up the skills required, learns about the patient population, and studies independently at home. I anticipate 1.5- 3 months of training, during which the applicant will shadow and train with me, while steadily increasing their caseload treating independently at the full hourly rate).



  • Continuing Education Support up to $2500/year on courses agreed upon that will improve applicant's ability to treat this patient population. This support will only be guaranteed after the training period is over and you are working independently with clients.  If you quit within a year of taking a continuing education course, it is expected that you will pay back 50% of the cost of the course.

  • Unlimited unpaid time off (within reason). You will see I respect and insist on work-life balance and taking care of yourself)

  • No health insurance, 401k or HSA at this time. If you desire to work full-time later, this is something we can continue to discuss but I can't guarantee.

Medical specialties:

  • Orthopedics

  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Illnesses (especially EDS, HSD, POTS, dysautonomia)

  • Pelvic Floor concerns for males and females (this would mostly apply if I hire a PT not a PTA, but this is a population I often treat and can help train you in if interested).

  • Pediatrics (Mostly ages 10 and up), primarily young girls and boys with hypermobility conditions


  • Monday to Friday, times vary. Training schedule will depend on my schedule and when I see patients. I mostly work Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 8am - 3:30pm. Once you are treating independently, you can mostly set your own schedule, as long as we can coordinate it between us and there is space for you to work that day).



  • CPR Certification (Preferred)

  • Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant or Licensed Physical Therapist


Important Details:

We are an out-of-network clinic. We provide an exceptional, high-value service and speaking to patients about the cost of services is a requirement for this position.

Start Date: February 2023


Thanks for your consideration!  Please email me at, including your resume and times that you can chat on the phone soon. 


Dr. Kendel Lipe, Owner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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