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  • Bachelors of Science, Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy; George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Specializations, Certifications, and Skills 

  • Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor Training

    • Read more about what this training entails here. ​

  • Advanced Myokinesthetics Practitioner 

    • This unique type of manual therapy uses targeted muscles along different spinal nerve paths to reset the signal being sent out from specific spinal nerve roots associated with your dysfunction. This can have dramatic effects on posture, muscle tone, pain processing, and even the function of the organs that are controlled by those same spinal nerves. 

    • Visit their website for more information  and research on this powerful neuromuscular rebalancing technique.

  • Johns Barnes Myofascial Release​

    • Learn more about what sets this type of therapy apart here.

  • Microcurrent Point Stimulation​

    • The Dolphin MPS is a powerful modality that delivers current at very high frequencies and is relatively pain-free. It has been shown in research to have dramatic affects in releasing scar tissue and associated pain, helping TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, dysautonomia, low back pain, and more.

    • It can also be used as a vagal nerve stimulation device, powerful enough it was approved for emergency COVID relief in Canada. It helps reset the autonomic nervous system for those stuck in high stress, sympathetic overdrive.​

  • Visceral Manipulation

    • The use of gentle manual techniques to the areas surrounding the organs of the body, freeing up fascial restrictions, increasing blood flow and allowing them to function more fully. A powerful tool for IBS, UC, gall bladder, liver or stomach dysfunction, Endometriosis, and many more. ​

  • Trauma-Informed Practitioner​

    • I am trained in the concepts of Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing work. Levine, author of 'Waking the Tiger', is the leading expert in the country in regards to how trauma is stored in the body. He believes that trauma is both a ​psychological and physiological process, one that can cause many systemic issues throughout the body if not resolved.  We can use our bodies and sensations as tools to 'unlock' this stored trauma and release it. 

    • I also integrate myofascial release, targeted mindfulness exercises and left/right brain integration to help one to reassociate with their body after trauma. 

    • I myself am a trauma victim and have extensive experiencing working with victims of sexual, physical and psychological trauma. 

  • Trigger point Dry Needling​

    • This method uses a small acupuncture needle to directly penetrate trigger points in muscles and cause a 'twitch' response, instantly releasing ​tension and decreasing pain in a muscle. I use it in conjunction with Microcurrent Point Stimulation (see above) for more efficient results. 

  • Functional Movement Screening

    • An integrative way of evaluating the body using functional movements rather than specific muscles to identify gross imbalances between mobility and stability. An advanced technique used by many top orthopedic and sports therapists. ​

  • McKenzie Technique

    • MDT is a powerful technique involving repetitive motions. It is highly effective for low back pain, disc bulges, and more. ​

  • Strain/ Counter-Strain

    • A manual technique involving shortening muscles while applying pressure to trigger points in order to help them to release. ​

  • Cupping

    • Uses silicone cups to create a vacuum around dysfunctional tissuse, increasing blood flow and freeing up fascial restrictions to decrease pain and improve function.

  • Kinisiology Taping​

    • This tape can help increase blood flow, decrease swelling, promote postural realignment and decrease pain. 

  • Custom Orthotics Casting​

    • Our feet are our foundation! The alignment of our feet when standing and moving affects our knees, low back, neck, shoulders and more.  I have advanced training in fitting custom orthotics for a wide variety of patients. I use plaster casts so that the orthotics fit the feet perfectly, and then take functional measurements of how the foot moves in standing, walking or running. I use these measurements to create an orthotic that facilitates greater symmetry in movement and gets you back to the activities you love!

    • These orthotics are guaranteed by the company that fabricates them to last a lifetime, and cost significantly less than getting custom orthotics made with a  prosthetist or orthotist. 

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndromes

    • Complex Conditions involving the brachial plexus, the nerves that control the arms and hands. I myself had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome for many years and learned very specific techniques under top experts in the country for treating these conditions. ​

Kendel Lipe, PT, DPT

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