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Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction


Affordable, Lasting Results...

In Love

Shockwave Therapy, formally known as low-intensity shockwave therapy or or LiSWT, is a proven, noninvasive therapy that delivers a unique type of pressure wave into the tissues of the shaft and pelvic region, initating a cascade of cellular reactions that create new and thicker blood vessels allowing for more blood flow into the penis. Futhermore, it works to relax the muscles of the region and improve the quality of tissues in region, often improving sensation and vitality throughout the pelvic region.


It is relatively pain-free and takes approximately 15 minutes per session.  On average, patients need 5-10 sessions of treatments to notice strong and lasting results, although many patients see results in 1-2 treatments. This can help improve loss of erection caused by many different conditions, including diabetes, aging, post-prostectomy, and many more.  Many patients also report decrease in low back, sacrum and testicle pain due to less tension in the pelvic floor muscles. 

Ready to ditch the medications? 

Let's get you feeling yourself again!

Our price is $150/session, less than half of other clinics in town.  Why? Because we believe in it, and want to make it accesible! If you purchase a package of six, the cost is reduced to $140/session. 

You can book online at either of our two locations (Mueller and Sunset Valley areas). Or if you have questions, you can schedule a free consult using the button at the top of the page. 

Give it a try! It's fast, backed by strong research, pain-free, and really works! 

Research Summary of Shockwave Therapy for ED: 

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